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Home Maine Coon These 7 Things Prove How Cuddly Maine Coons Are

These 7 Things Prove How Cuddly Maine Coons Are

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Cuddly?If you are unfamiliar with Maine Coons and just happened to cross paths with one, the unusually large size may lead you to assume they are brutish and aggressive animals. However, anyone who owns one will likely tell you a different story.

A well-known trait of the infamous Maine Coon, other than their distinct size and gorgeous fur, is their overwhelming desire to be close to you.

This is evident in a variety of lovable behaviors that are common to Maine Coons all over the world. Basking in the never-ending glow of an owner’s love ranks top on the priority list in the life of this cuddly kitty cat.

As far as their concerned, nothing compares to the pampering presence of you!

Without a second thought, Maine Coons cut right to the chase of letting you know what they want.

No moment is too sacred, and no task too great, that it can’t be interrupted by an impromptu display of affection. It makes no difference whether you are in the bedroom, folding the laundry, doing the dishes, or even using the toilet.

Any atmosphere that is relatively calm and comfortable to your cat’s liking is another opportunity for a snuggly circumstance.

While it can occasionally be troublesome to deal with the clingy behavior of a Maine Coon, it is an immensely satisfying feeling to know that at nearly any given moment there is nothing they would rather do.

1. Office Acrobatics

Ever tried to work from home in the presence of a Maine Coon? If you answered yes, then you know how futile it can be! These monstrously large cats are the boss at home, and they make sure you are well aware of it.

With frequent leaps onto the desktop and constant crowding of the keyboard, boss kitty makes sure to keep your productivity in check.

From their perspective, time spent typing is time lost adoring your lovely lady or handsome fella. After all, their constant need to cuddle up to their precious owner obviously outweighs the importance of…well…pretty much anything!

You may try to convince them otherwise, but good luck with that!

The Maine Coon’s obsession with office antics gives them a unique ability to make time stop (in particular your time clock!).

On the positive side, however, they can be a great silent companion through the long hours that sometimes seem to drag on and on.

All you have to do is convince them that prancing on the keyboard and loitering in front of the computer screen are not necessary for expressing their appreciation.

Do Maine Coons Like To Cuddle?

Maze Looking Like An Owl And “Helping” Me With My Work

If you can reach this agreement, then an on-demand office snuggle bug is not so bad. I think that an average office culture would be much more attractive if it offered scheduled “Maine Coon cuddle sessions” at regular intervals throughout the day!

2. Cuddlesome Morning Wakeup Calls

You feel a rhythmic pawing on your chest as your eyes flutter open from a deep sleep. As sure as the sunrise, a Maine Coons tendency towards gently coaxing you from sleep is a given.

Who needs an alarm when you have a self-setting “cuddle-cuckoo” clock?! According to our fuzzy friends, there is no better way to begin the day than being massaged into consciousness by a couple of prying paws.

Given a choice, I believe nearly anyone would rather be softly awakened by a cuddly companion than forcibly yanked from your dreams by an obnoxious alarm.

Have you ever heard of someone who woke up with a smile on their face to the sound of a buzzer? I would venture to guess not!

While the method is certainly preferred, it’s the “self-setting” function of the Maine Coon that can cause a raucous. While an unreasonably loud alarm may not be the gentlest way to transition back to reality, you can count on it to make itself known at the exact moment you intend to wake up.

To the contrary, our well-intended rise and shine paw patrol does not come with programmable presets. In addition, there is no “snooze” button once you have had enough!

Even if they did, I imagine it would be tough to bop something so cute over the noggin after having received a showering of unconditional love. I'll take the puurrrfectly personal wakeup call of a Maine Coon over a blaring fog horn any day!

By the way, if you want to know why Maine Coons are the perfect pets, read this article!

3. Snuggle Buddy Story Times

The truth about most enjoyable activities is that they are almost always better when shared with a friend.

Diving into a good book is no exception, especially if you happen to own a cuddly Maine Coon. Although they may not understand the words or be able to follow the plot, one thing is for sure.

They certainly know what it means cuddle up with a good book. There is always something magical when it comes to immersing yourself in a great read, but it is even more meaningful with the warmth from your favorite feline companion.

While the book soothes your mind, a loving Maine coon nurtures your body and soul.

As the damsel in distress from your favorite fantasy story rides off into the sunset with her dashing prince charming, you can doze into the sunset with your cuddly companion.

With a Maine Coon by your side, it is guaranteed that the characters in your story are not the only ones who get a happy ending.

Also, while they may need to wait until you reach the end of the story to get their happily ever after, you can be sure to indulge in yours each and every time you pick up that novel.Comfortable Maine Coon

4. Friendly Passerby

So, you thought that while certain tasks are sure to be taken over by your Maine Coon, at least you would have some alone time in between, right?


As you make your way around the home, in and out of the various rooms, your socially obsessed pet will be sure to stay underfoot.

From nuzzling their whiskers into your calf as you walk by, to placing their paws on your thigh as you stand by the counter, they will be there.

Think of yourself as a portable scratching post, and one that even scratches back from time to time!

As innocent as their intentions may be, this behavior can certainly lead to some near misses. There have been times when I connected with cat before carpet and almost landed on my face!

This can be especially dangerous with an armload of groceries that are getting heavier by the moment.

Now if only we could get that Maine Coon to take lessons from a donkey, maybe we can put their compulsive presence to a more productive use!

The upside is that they learn fast and will be sure to stay one step ahead or behind in future encounters. A light brush of the nose or flick of the tail is really all we both need to affirm that special connection.

As I said, Maine Coons learn very quickly. You can even teach them to go for a walk with you on a leash. If you want to know how that works, this article will show you how it´s done in 3 easy steps!

5. Warm Welcome Home

One of the most pleasant advantages to owning a Maine Coon is the knowledge that you will never have to come home to an empty house again.

Before owning a pet, there was always the inevitable occurrence of arriving home from an exciting day out only to be bet with the impending doom of a dark, empty room.

Now, no matter what hour or time of year, you will always be reminded that someone is happy you’re home! With a gentle leaning up against your legs, your cat will let you know that she is pleased to see you once again.

After you have been gently greeted and loved upon by your furry friend, you can look forward to an evening of winding down together. Whatever important business they are up to all day long while you are away, they are happy to postpone until you leave once again.

In the meantime, they make it their mission to express their appreciation in the best way they know how: cuddling and nuzzling until the cows come home.

Whether the rest of the day was good or bad, you can always count on your “pick-me-up” as you walk through your front door into their domain.

Do you know why your Maine Coon licks you? Here are 6 reasons for that!

6. Couch Potato Pals

If plopping down in front of the television set is your idea of a good time, then you and your Maine Coon are riding the same wavelength. The clamoring of television conversation is the perfect background noise for a cozy little nap on the couch.

Either up on your lap or nestled close to your side, your quiet kitty hunkers down for a siesta during your favorite show. Now the challenge will be to stay awake to catch the story while a contagious cuddle fest happens right under your nose!

Oh well, you didn’t want to catch the climatic ending of season seven anyways, did you?

However, if you can manage to keep your eyelids peeled, the warm body of your big kitty is a comforting feeling after a hard day of work.

I can’t think of a more perfect ending to your typical day than dozing off on the sofa after finishing your favorite show and having the soft touch of your silky-smooth cuddle buddy as you drift off to dreamland.

Maine Coon Cuddles

Maze Being Cuddly

As an added bonus, a Maine Coon is perfect for holding tight during the scary scene of your next thriller film. Just don’t squeeze too tight, or you’ll have a real-life monster on your hands!

7. Constantly Cuddly

I know what you’re thinking: “At the end of all this, where am I safe from the cuddly culprit that is my Maine Coon?!” The simple answer to this question is…Nowhere!

Aside from the fact that your cuddle monster still needs to eat and occasionally use the cat box, there is no place that is off limits from reminding you of their love.

No matter what you’re doing or where you go, if your Maine Coon can physically reach you, count on the constant contact of a furry little foot or a soft snout.

Even as you sleep, your kitty feels a desperate need to reach out and feel that you are there.

It could be something as simple as paw against your foot, or their back against your shins. Whatever it is, their main concern is obtaining the comfort of knowing you are there.

There is something soothing about being around their owner that makes them feel safe and sound.

This snuggly sleepy time behavior can make for a great night’s sleep for the both of you, unless you happen to be allergic! If that is the case, then cuddling with your Maine Coon in close quarters could have nasty side effects.

When it comes down to it, these big, lovable cats are built to cuddle. With their long and silky fur and sociable demeanor, Maine Coons are the perfect pick for snuggle addicts.

Combined with a fierce loyalty for their owners and a strong desire to give and receive affection, these cats easily form lifelong bonds that enrich your day to day.

We all need companions, and these caring kitties are no stranger to that fact. In most cases, they need you just as much as you may need them. One on one and face to face contact is indeed their specialty.


While some cats that are loyal and cuddly can have trouble in larger groups, such as a family setting, Maine Coons prove to be quite versatile.

Although they much prefer to shower love and affection on one primary human they have chosen, they are also well behaved around strangers and great with families.

This is due to a “dog-like” playfulness that is not as common in other breeds. This combined with the typical curiosity of a cat makes for some great memories!

So, whether you spend much of your time alone and need an ever-present friend, or you have a large family and steady flow of guests, you can count on your cuddly.

Always ready to cuddle at the drop of a hat, you’ll feel the ferocious love of this friendly feline at every turn.

Any cuddle-stories you want to share with us? Leave your story in the comment section below!

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