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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Actually Wild Cats?

Are Maine Coon Cats Actually Wild Cats?

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Wild?Maine Coon Cats have very different appearances than other domesticated cat breeds, which has led to many suspicions that they aren’t domestic at all. Fortunately, after some research, certain aspects of the Maine Coon Cats history lead to a very interesting answer.

Are Maine Coon Cats Wild? Despite their wild looks, Maine Coon Cats are completely domestic. Many people believe that they are wild because of rumors about their ancestry. Like all pets, they have moments of wild nature, but they never get rough enough to injure anybody significantly.

Maine Coon Cats aren’t wild, but they do have an interesting origin. Their looks and size are so much like those of wild cats that they have even been mistaken for illegal pets. Luckily, when a few features are known it is simple to differentiate between a Maine Coon and wild animals.

Why do people believe that Maine Coon Cats are wild?

There are many rumors that Maine Coon Cats are a mix between raccoons, bobcats, or lynx and domesticated house cats. People believe this because of the cat's immense size, each animal weighing between 8 and 18 pounds. They can also be around 3 feet long.

The cats also have other physical traits that could lead to them being mistaken for wild animals. They have very large paws, similar to those of a lynx. Also, there are tips on their ears that resemble almost exactly those on the tips of the ears of a lynx.

The rings that often appear on their tails also bear much resemblance to those on the tail of a raccoon.

Some behavioral traits are shared with wild animals as well. Maine Coon Cats are excellent climbers, a skill that many say came from a relationship with a wild animal like a bobcat or raccoon.

Maine Coons also love water, unlike most domesticated cat breeds.

Lynx and have also been known not to shy away from water. Similarly, like raccoons, Maine Coons often dip their food in water. They are able to do this due to the semi-prehensile nature of their paws.

Though their paws are not as versatile as those of a raccoon, Maine Coons are still able to move things with their paws from one place to the other well enough.

However, despite all of these rumors, Maine Coon Cats are very domesticated animals. By definition, something that is wild is of a natural environment and is not at all domesticated or cultivated.

Maine Coon cats were not cultivated to look or act the way they do, but their breed is made up of two domesticated breeds from different parts of the world.

The breed has evolved into even more of a domestic breed as time has worn on and Maine Coons have become more of a house cat than something that only gets to hang around because it catches mice.

Maine Coon Cats have a genetic history that can be traced back to the American Colonies. They were popular pets in this era due to their exceptional hunting skills and ability to fend for themselves.

It is now commonly believed that the Maine Coon Cat is actually a mix between domesticated American cat breeds and international long hair breeds that were brought overseas by sailors.

Most of the evidence for this claim lies in the Maine Coons closest relative, the Norwegian Forest Cat. The domesticated cat lives most commonly in Europe and could have easily been brought the early United States and could have bred with the local cats.

Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats share many physical similarities and are even hard to tell apart to someone who doesn’t know what to look for.Are Maine Coons related to wild Bobcats?

Do Maine Cats Act Wild?

Despite their imposing size, Maine Coon Cats are very affectionate creatures. Their high intelligence contributes to their excellent social skills. Many owners claim that their Maine Coon is just as loyal as any dog that they have ever owned and is also just eager to please as a dog.

Maine Coons generally get along very well with children, dogs, cats, and other pets. They are also fairly easy to housebreak and make good housecats.

They do have very large claws, though, which have been known to find their way to ripping up owners leather sofas. It is important to realize that these cats are great pets but that they aren’t perfect.

Maine Coons also love to play throughout their whole lives. Like all cats, they have a need for activity and play time, but aren’t usually so hyperactive that they are too disruptive. They are also great hunters and do well with catching mice inside the house as you can read here.

Maine Coons also like to play with their people, but most of them aren’t necessarily “lap cats”. They enjoy being petted and getting attention though. They are very careful to never hurt their owners while playing.

My Maine Coon is always very careful not too hurt me and I can take toys out of her mouth any time. I can also take her food away without any problems.

Good Toys For Maine Coon Cats

It is important to make sure that Maine Coons have physical stimulation if they live inside all the time, or even if they are an indoor cat. The addition of some great toys for your household can make your cat much happier and healthier.

Maine Coons are very intelligent animals and can get bored just like humans if they only have a few things to do. The best possible thing that you can do for your Maine Coon is to get another cat for them to play with, but if that isn’t going to fit your lifestyle or budget, here are the 3 best Maine Coon specific cat toys.

Related Questions

How long to Maine Coon Cats live? Maine Coon Cats can live anywhere from 8 to around 15 years old. As always, there are exceptions, some having longer life spans and some having shorter. An active and happy pet will usually live a longer, or at least a more enjoyable, life.

What is a good type of food for Maine Coons?
It is up to you to learn about your cat and what special nutritional needs your cat has. Every animal is different in what they need, but as a general rule of thumb it is important to make sure their diet is:

• High Protein
• Low carbohydrate
• Medium fats
• Contains real meat
• Doesn’t have corn, wheat, starch
• Has lots of vitamins
• Has lots of nutrients
• Has real food ingredients

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