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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Very Vocal? Here Is The Truth

Are Maine Coon Cats Very Vocal? Here Is The Truth

by Pierre

Are Maine Coon Cats Very VocalIf you are thinking about getting a Maine Coon, but you want to make sure that you can still enjoy the peace and the silence after a long day of work, you might ask yourself if Maine Coon cats meow a lot. I absolutely understand that, since I too need some silence after work. So this article will show you exactly what you are getting into if you want to get a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon cats are pretty vocal. However, the great thing about Maine Coon cats is that they are vocal, but they are not loud. Real meows are rare, but you will definitely hear chirping/ trilling sounds a lot during the day. That being said, that chirping is not annoying at all. If your Maine Coon meows constantly, your Maine Coon might want to tell you something. This could be a sign for a disease, unhappiness or your Maine Coon might have reached sexual maturity.

There are a lot of situations when you will hear a Maine Coon making the chirping/ trilling sound which is very typical for Maine Coons. If your Maine Coon is meowing constantly, there might be something wrong. If you are interested in how loud Maine Coon cats truly are and what you can do about constant meowing, read further.

Are Maine Coon Cats Very Vocal?

As I already said, Maine Coon cats are very vocal, although they don´t get very loud. Their voice is rather high and they are not able to make a really loud meowing sound. Most Maine Coon cats will sound like kittens their entire life. Given the fact that they are the biggest cat breed, this is pretty funny.

They sound very cute and that´s why they are not annoying at all.

If you really want to know how annoying a cat can be, then listen to a Siamese cat that is talking to its owner. All. day. long. Trust me, this can be annoying as hell.

When To Expect The Chirping Sound

Actually, our Maine Coon, Maze, does the chirping sound whenever she is excited. Maze is still pretty young and that´s why we hear that sound more often than we would hear it from an adult Maine Coon.

Playing And Chirping

We can tell that Maze is up to something whenever we hear her chirping. Before she jumps on her cat tree, she chirps shortly. When she is playing with a ball, she chirps every time she “attacks” the ball.

Further, when she wants to play with our other cat (a regular house cat), you can hear her chirping as well. Most of the time after chirping she jumps on our house cat, Gigetta and Gigetta answers with annoyed hissing, lol.

Chirping And Greeting

When I open our bedroom door in the morning to let Maze in, she already sits in front of the door, ready to give headbutts to everyone. This, of course, also goes along with a chirping sound. And since she is very excited in the morning, she even makes some weird short sounds. It is like an “Eh”. Really short and really high, but as always, not loud at all.

Hunting …Or Something Like That

“Oh, there is a bird in front of the window, let´s chirp and jump to the window” – Every Maine Coon in the world.

To be fair, every cat does this. When there is a bird in front of the window or when there is a fly in your house, your cat will let you know that there is something that needs to be caught… and eaten.

The chirping sounds in these situations are very short though. It sounds more like really quick “eh eh eh” sounds. Sometimes you can´t even hear those sounds, you just can see the cat's mouth moving.

When To Expect A Maine Coon To Meow

We don´t let our cats sleep in our bedroom. So when we go to bed and close the door, Maze is pretty sad for a short while. She always goes to the living room and jumps on her cat tree.

After around 30 minutes she sits in front of our bedroom door and meows around 5 to 6 times. You can hear her, but it wouldn´t stop you from sleeping.

After that, she gives up and goes to sleep in the living room. She probably just wants us to know that she is very disappointed, lol.do maine coons meow a lot

Closed Doors Are Not Their Favorite

Our Maine Coon doesn´t always do this, but she also meows a couple of times when my girlfriend is in the bathroom and shut the door. The funny thing is that Maze doesn´t do that when I am in the bathroom.

When we are in our home office and close the door, she never meows. Pretty weird, but well, to get to the point, most Maine Coon cats do not like closed doors.

Do Maine Coon Cats Purr A Lot?

Oh yes! This can be very relaxing, but it can also be annoying. The reason why we don´t let Maze sleep in our bedroom is that she won´t stop purring when she is lying next to us on our bed. She has to knead constantly and she purrs loudly because she feels so comfortable.

Actually, I find that annoying. I need my sleep, haha.

How To Stop Your Maine Coon From Meowing

We stopped excessive meowing from the beginning, although a lot of people recommend to just let the cat do that. There are definitely various opinions on this topic, but here is how we stop our Maine Coon when meowing and crying is getting out of hand. (Happened only 3 times in one year)

Therefore we clap our hands and make a “shh” sound. This irritates the cat and she will stop. Soon the cat will associate the “shh” sound with “stop doing that”. That´s an incredible help, especially if you have a very vocal Maine Coon.

That being said, the best method to stop your Maine Coon from meowing is to understand what the cat wants from you. Your Maine Coon might want to play, is hungry or it is simply bored and needs attention.

Give your cat what it needs (if possible at that moment) and it will stop meowing.are maine coons loud

Your Maine Coon Meows All The Time?

If your Maine Coon meows all the time, something must be wrong. This can be caused by various reasons, but most probably this is because your Maine Coon is in heat. When Maze was 8 months old she started meowing the whole day.

We were not surprised at all since we expected it the whole time. She was in heat for the first time. This is the right time to let your vet spay your (female) Maine Coon. If you don´t want to do that, don´t worry, your cat will stop meowing after a couple of days.

It will happen again though if your cat isn´t spayed. Neutered cats don´t have this.

And to be completely honest, the meowing was annoying as hell. I was so happy when Maze stopped after 5 days or so.

By the way, making the “shh” sound as described above won´t help in this situation and it is not really fair either. Your cat doesn´t know what happens when in heat and stopping your cat from meowing will leave her confused and frustrated. Just endure it.

Male Maine Coons do not meow that much when they reach sexual maturity. However, they start to mark their territory, which smells very, very bad.

If you need help with this, read this article: My Maine Coon Is Meowing All The Time.


As you have learned, Maine Coon cats are very vocal, but it is not annoying at all. So if you are looking for a cat that isn´t annoying or a cat that lets you neighbors sleep, or a cat that your parents are okay with, a Maine Coon cat is definitely the cat you are looking for.

The chirping is actually pretty cute and even though I hear it every day, it still makes me smile.

So enjoy your Maine Coon cat, if you can get one or already have one, and just have fun with it.

Do you have a Maine Coon that makes weird sounds? Let me know your story in the comment section below!

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Deidre December 12, 2018 - 1:55 pm

We got a one-year-old Maine Coon from a shelter about 6 months ago. Things were going pretty well, but in the last couple of months she has started peeing in different places around the house. The dog’s bed, under the Christmas tree, on the curtains that touch the bedroom floor. You get the idea. So, I thought maybe she was particular about the litter box. I started cleaning the litter box twice a day and completely replacing the litter once a week. She was doing pretty well again, but this morning she peed under the Christmas tree again! Do you have any suggestions or advice? Is this a common trait of Maine Coons? Thank you!

Pierre January 10, 2019 - 11:09 am

Hey Deidre,

this is absolutely not common for Maine Coons.

I highly recommend reading this article. Scroll down, after seeing the litter boxes, there is some guidance on where to place the litter box and more.

It might be that you need to get more litter boxes in order to keep your cat from peeing everywhere.

However, it could also have other reasons. Some cats are more sensitive to changes in their environment than others. If you have bought some new furniture (or a Christmas Tree) this could be a reason.

Is your cat neutered?

Could it feel threatened in any way?

There are so many different possibilities for this behavior.

All the best,



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