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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Lazy Or Active Cats?

Are Maine Coon Cats Lazy Or Active Cats?

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Lazy?If you are into playful kitties, you are surely interested whether Maine Coons are lazy or not. That's why we have done brief research to find out how energetic these adorable felines are.

Are Maine Coons lazy? The best word to describe their eagerness is- balanced. The Maine Coon is not an energy waster, but it’s neither lazy. This breed is playful in the morning and in the evening, while the rest of the day it spends in a rather relaxed and peaceful manner.

But being lazy or not certainly is not the most important thing about any cat. Each breed has its own virtues and faults, and each cat of the same breed can differ a lot. That’s why we decided to give you a closer insight into Maine Coon cats.

Is “Lazy” The Right Word To Use for Maine Coons?

First of all, we need to be clear on the words using to describe Maine Coon cats.

In fact, to describe any cat’s character.

Perhaps lazy is not the most precise word you can choose for their personality.

This breed is certainly not the most active one you can encounter but definitely is not dull.

However, we shall continue using it till the end of our article, to make it less complicated to understand the point. But in the end, you will decide whether it’s a suitable one.

Somehow the first association that comes to one’s mind when speaking about cats may be “great hunters”. But there are actually many breeds which are exceptions to this rule. The Maine Coon is not among them.

This instinct never fades, but to be honest, you cannot quite get the best insight into their hunting skills indoors.

Male Maine Coons are very good hunters, while some females are known for being uninterested in hunting. Even though we can not confirm that since we have a female Maine Coon that is a Master hunter.

Did you know that it is pretty important to know why Maine Coons are good hunters? This article will tell you!

Their activity is at the highest level in the morning and in the evening again.

So, if you want to discover that bit more energetic side of this largest domestic breed, make sure you follow this natural tempo.

It takes some adjustment, finding the mutual language with your kitty. The rest of the day you will find this furry bundle of joy strolling around the place looking for more cuddles and cozy places to rest.

As if there was something that made it tired in the first place.

But beware, even though they are truly friendly and enjoy having company, still many of them don’t enjoy excessive touching and petting.

In terms of intelligence, this feline is ranked somewhere in the middle (7 out of 10). The reason we mention this is that some people will find intellect and laziness to be in correlation. But we wouldn’t totally agree with this, as the second characteristic is more the matter of a character than being bright.

Again, it's less actionable we would opt for when describing. But like we already mentioned, it’s impossible to put all the felines of the same breed into the same basket. Each of them is different.

Still, if you want to get to know the personality of a Maine Coon better, read this article and learn about 15 things you must know!

Female Or Male Maine Coons – Which are Lazier?

Having in mind that this breed is usually an indoor one, and being the largest domestic cat, you need to provide enough space for it. What both genders have in common is a silly mindset- charming, inquisitive, willful.

One could say quite similar to a toddler.

In order to make it clearer whether males or females of this breed are lazier, we shall describe each of their personalities in a few words.

A Male Maine Coon’s temperament is a bit more outgoing, and owners often describe it as more demanding than his female counterpart. Male felines tend to develop a special relationship with one person rather than being affectionate with a bigger group of people.

On the other hand, most female Maine Coons are sweeter and more gentle than males. She often bonds to few people she finds nice. She is definitely more playful than her male counterpart. The fact that she is able to bond with more than one person makes her able to be a bit more independent when it comes to company. You can find her having fun on her own.

Now, if you take the bonding as a parameter, you can definitely say that males are lazier because they demand that one person plays with them.

On the other hand, if hunting is the factor to measure the level of laziness, then you could categorize females as lazier since they are not so interested and skillful in hunting.

Are Maine Coons Active Throughout The Day?

Our Maine Coon, Maze

So, both genders are and are not lazy at the same time, depends on how you measure it. Quite a brain wrench, don't you think so?

Why Are Some Maine Coon Lazier Than The Others?

So far you will agree that it is very difficult to tell whether a Maine Coon is lazy or not.

There are many different factors that we use to determine this, and each time we get different answers.

Nature, as the first starting point, is something we cannot change. On the other hand, what can we? Now imagine the following situation- you have two kittens from the same parents, but growing up in different places, with different people.

Would they be the same?

Probably not.

The traits given by nature are more or less the same. It's the part where we cannot make a significant change. The rule goes for all animals, but for people as well.

However, an important part of a cat’s personality will come from the environments he/she lives in.

So, a Maine Coon with owners who like to motivate cats to play some games with them will be more likely to develop a more actionable side of the given character.

Such a cat won’t be described as lazy.

Positive reinforcement can also be of help. On the other hand, if owners like to leave the cat be, and play on her/his own, the cat will remain within limits established by nature. It will be less actionable, or if you prefer, lazier.

This simple example shows that the owner’s character plays a very important role in developing certain characteristics in a Maine Coon’s behavior.

The point is that you can push the limits slightly if you want to.

The Relationship between Laziness And Obesity

The main problem the majority of larger indoor cats have is obesity. Being bigger in size with limited space to move, they tend to be fatter than their outdoor companions are.

With that being said and the fact that constant activity is not quite their cup of tea, is certainly the issue Maine Coons often deal with.

Since you cannot change their natural “laziness”, you can be strict with feeding.

By that, we mean

  • amount
  • time
  • type of food

Make a schedule and stick to it, for your own and what’s even more important, for the cat’s good.

Food is often used as a motivation when you want to train a cat to perform some tricks.

However, this is not always the best idea with big, lazy indoor cats. (Are they really indoor cats? Read this to learn more!)

Don't fall into that common trap and make the same mistake many owners do.

Never stuff the cat with food just to make it learn something. If it won't do, it won't, don't abuse the food. The result will be a fat cat. That's because they cannot “burn the calories” and maintain the good shape the same way outdoor cats do.

All in all, if one has decided to be a cat parent, regardless of the feline’s nature, the owner should be committed and responsible.

Don’t take the laziness or playfulness for granted, it’s up to you as an owner to be in charge.

Related Questions

Is a Maine Coon difficult to take care of? Absolutely not. Having in mind their gentle personality, they are quite friendly companions. Of course, you must learn all the specific facts about this breed if you want to take care of it properly.

Do Maine Coon cats love water? Absolutely yes! The trick is in their thick coats, which are water-repellent. This is an excellent thing to know, as bathing won’t be such a headache like with some other breeds that freak out when this has to be done.

This article shows you in detail how much they love water and even how to give them a bath without any problems!

Why is the Maine Coon known as “gentle giant”? It’s because, despite the size, these felines rarely exhibit problematic behavior. If you have a smaller dog and this cat, the feline may be a bit bossy. But never, ever will they be aggressive towards tinier companion.

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