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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Lap Cats?

Are Maine Coon Cats Lap Cats?

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Lap Cats?Maine Coons are considered as one of the most affectionate and friendly cat breeds. Often tagged as “the gentle giant” and “the dog of the cat world”, these friendly felines are fond of interactions especially with their human companions. But are they considered as lap cats?

Despite being regarded as one of the friendliest cat breeds, the majority of Maine Coons are not lap cats. These friendly felines like being close to humans, but not necessarily on top of humans’ laps.

While they cannot be generalized as lap cats, Maine Coons enjoy being around their human companions. Being the assertive cats that they are, they will express themselves loudly when they want some cuddle time.

You just have to let them come to you and not force interaction because they may react negatively.

What is a lap cat?

Although known for being ferocious and independent animals, some cats love being constantly held and petted. While there has been much ado about lap dogs, lap cats are just as desired by many pet lovers.

Lap cats aren’t just cats that love sitting on laps—they live for it and constantly crave for it.

Which Maine Coon gender is more likely to be a lap cat?

Maine Coons are amazing pets to be around with. They are playful, curious, and friendly creatures that love to interact and follow you around the house.

While both genders generally share almost the same characteristics, male Maine Coons are more likely to be lap cats than females.

Despite being larger in size and not fitting into the typical size of a lap cat, male Maine Coons tend to demand physical contact more than females. They are also more sociable and love being the center of attention.

Female Maine Coons, on the other hand, are slightly more reserved than males so they tend to be more cautious around people.

What are Maine Coons like as a pet?

As stated earlier, not all Maine Coons are lap cats. For starters, not many people even have a lap big enough to fit this humongous cat. Maine Coons that aren’t into lap cuddles prefer to sit quietly beside their human companions, or perhaps somewhere nearby.

Even though some of them are not fond of sitting on laps, they still prefer to be near you and keep you close in sight.

Here are 5 reasons why Maine Coons are awesome pets!Lap Cats

If they are not lap cats, how do Maine Coons show affection?

Maine Coons may not exactly be lap cats, but they sure know how to express their affection in different ways. These gregarious felines express their feelings through their facial expressions, voices, and body language.

How Maine Coons Show Affection

1. They slow-blink and shut their eyes tight.
Slow blinking—or cat kiss—is a good sign that your cat trusts you and enjoys being around you.

2. They give you full eye contact while giving you a full view of their bellies.
If your Maine Coon rolls onto its back and shows its belly, that’s your cat’s way of saying “I trust you hoo-man.”.

3. They rub their cheeks and bodies against your legs.
If your cat rubs its body against your legs, it is giving you a friendly greeting. It’s like their way of saying hello.

4. They gently bop their heads against you if you lower your face towards them.
Head bopping is a sign of deep affection. If your cat head bops you, he or she thinks of you as a member of the pack.

5. They purr…very loud.
Cats purr whenever they are feeling relaxed or enjoying something.

6. They lick you.
Your cat licks you to show affection by combining his or her scent to yours. Cats only lick humans and other pets that they are very comfortable with. Read this to learn more about why your Maine Coon is licking you.

What are the best lap cat breeds?

While there are over 60 breeds of cat (and counting), some breeds are regarded as good lap cats than others.

Some cat breeds like Maine Coons and Persians are predisposed to hugs and cuddles, while some have a pretty low tolerance for such interactions. However, it still boils down to your cat’s individual personality.

Here are the best lap cat breeds, in no particular order:

1. Persian
Persian cats are considered as the friendliest cat breed in the world. They love cuddles and have a very laid-back nature.

2. Maine Coon
Maine Coons are sociable and active cats. They love keeping their human companions close and snuggles —as long as they are not forced to do so.

3. Exotic Shorthair
Exotic Shorthairs are obedient and constantly craves for affection. They may not be very active, but they make it up with their affection.

4. Abyssinian
Abyssinian cats love interactions. They have an outgoing personality and love to socialize—even with strangers.

5. Burmese
Burmese cats love close contacts and thrive on the companionship of their family or other household pets.

6. Ragdoll
Ragdolls are affectionate and friendly, but they tend to be more interested in humans than other pets.

7. Manx
The Manx is an easy-going and sweet cat. They adore being around people and rarely seem to get upset about anything.

8. Birman
Birmans may be fairly quiet, but they are deeply devoted to their humans and pet companions.How To Encourage Your Maine Coon To Sit On Your Lap

Ways on How to Turn Your Maine Coon into a Lap Cat

Not because your cat isn’t part of the best lap cat breeds list doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no chance of becoming one.

While genetics has a lot to say about a cat’s temperament and personality, it’s how cats are raised that dictates their behavior. Early human intervention also plays a major role in how a kitten’s personality develops.

Kittens that receive proper petting and lots of attention from people tend to be more friendly and social as they grow up.

If you have no idea about how your cat was raised, there are still ways to make your feline love cuddle times. Here are some tips on how to do so.

How to Encourage your Cat to Cuddle:

1. Stay calm

Just like any other animal, cats tend to feel threatened by sudden movements. Try to move slowly around while your cat gets used to your presence. Any sudden noise of movement will surely send your cat jumping off your lap.

2. Create a comfortable environment

Your cat won’t be able to relax and warm up to you if its living environment is stressful and chaotic. Make your cat feel comfortable enough to stay in the same area as you—even if it means placing a cat perch or a couple of hideouts all over the place.

3. Avoid long eye contact

While some cats don’t mind eye contact, there are other cats that hate it. Some cats consider long eye contact as a threat and an invasion of their personal space. (Tip: If you make eye contact with your cat, blink slowly.

Your cat might even blink back, which is like giving a kiss.)

4. Pet your cat the right way

Unlike dogs, cats are not big fans of rubbing. They are very purr-ticular as to where and how they like to be touched. Start by scratching them between their ears, under their chin, and the spot between their eyes.

You can also stroke them lightly along the spine—but avoid their belly and the base of their tail at all cost.

5. Groom your cat

Grooming is another good way of establishing a positive relationship with your cat. Cats love to groom themselves; it’s a social thing for them.

However, being the sensitive creatures that they are, be wary of your cat’s body language to make sure that he or she is enjoying your attention and not the other way around.

A lot of Maine Coon cats don´t like to be brushed which makes it even more important to get a good brush. Here are a few recommendations and tips on what to look out for when getting a brush!

6. Bribe your cat

Rewarding your cat whenever he or she’s being affectionate can help promote a positive reinforcement towards that action. Take a treat and toss it over. If your cat responds positively, toss another treat until your cat gets closer and closer.

7. Never associate a negative experience to lap time

The last thing that you want to do is to trick your cat into taking medicine or trimming its nails while it’s on your lap. You don’t want to associate a negative experience for them with lap time.

Again, never force your cat to snuggle. Not all cats like to be held and no cat likes to be forced into anything, especially physical contact.

Related Questions

Do Maine Coons get along well with dogs? Maine Coons usually get along well with dogs and even with other cats. However, leaving them unsupervised, especially around small pets such as birds, rabbits, and hamsters is not a good idea.

In fact, keeping Maine Coons and dogs is a great idea – read this to learn why!

Are Maine Coons active cats? Maine Coons are energetic cats. If you’re considering having a one as a pet, make sure you have enough space for them to run around or else they may become destructive to release their pent-up energy.

Click here to learn how active Maine Coons really are!

Do Maine Coons like to take a bath? Maine Coons are one of the very few cat breeds that are attracted to water, so don’t be surprised to see your cat following you at the shower or frolicking in puddles.

Want to know how to easily give your Maine Coon a bath and combine that with playtime? Read this!

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