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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Indoor Cats? Should You Let Them Outside?

Are Maine Coon Cats Indoor Cats? Should You Let Them Outside?

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Indoor CatsMaine Coon cats are huge and that´s why you are most probably asking yourself if this cat breed really is made for being kept indoors.

That´s a good question since Maine Coon cats are very strong and can definitely destroy your furniture and other things if kept wrong. However is this really a common problem with Maine Coon cats?

Are Maine Coon Cats Indoor Cats? You can definitely keep Maine Coons as indoor cats. Maine Coon cats are very laid back and cat owners rarely have any problems with them, no matter if they keep them indoors or keep them as an outdoor cat. Maine Coon cats are very expensive and beautiful in appearance, that´s why outdoor Maine Coon cats often get stolen. Further, I don´t recommend to let a Maine Coon outside if you are living in a city apartment. An alternative to letting your Maine Coon outside alone is to train it to walk on a leash.

This is the short answer to your question. There is of course so much more to know about this topic and many more things you should consider when deciding if you want to let your Maine Coon outside or not.

All the information you need about this topic can be found in this article. So without further ado, let´s get started!

Why Your Maine Coon Should Go Outside

As I said, you can keep a Maine Coon as an indoor cat, there is no problem. In fact, we keep our Maine Coon, Maze, as an indoor cat as well and Maze is doing fantastic. There are some cats that should go outside though.

Especially if you keep a single cat, you should consider letting your cat outside. Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and they get bored quickly if you are not at home and they don´t have a partner.

All cat breeds should have a partner, since being alone too often and too long and being bored all the time can cause psychological problems.

This should not be taken lightly as this can have serious consequences. Maine Coon cats are not aggressive at all, but if they are bored all the time and suffer from mental problems, even they can become aggressive and you don´t want a Maine Coon to attack you.

So the alternative to letting your Maine Coon outside is getting a second cat if you don´t already have one.


A big problem with house cats is that they don´t get enough exercise. I am not only talking about physical exercise here. I am also talking about mental exercise. When your Maine Coon goes outside there are a lot of things to explore.

There are various smells, trees that can be climbed, other cats that need to be scared away because they are in the wrong territory and so on and so forth. All this is an exercise for your cat.

Running, smelling, staying alert because of potential dangers – this is great for your cat and if it can experience this, it will definitely be not bored. It will enjoy the perfect cat life.Are Maine Coon Cats Outdoor Cats

I Want To Let My Maine Coon Go Outside But I Am Worried About That

I understand that as I would be worried as well. However, there are a couple of things you could do if you are worried about your Maine Coon, but you still want to let it outside.

If you have a garden or a balcony, you could make it “cat proof” which means that you prepare it in a way that your Maine Coon can´t escape. This way your Maine Coon could be outside and you wouldn´t have to worry about it.

You could also train your Maine Coon to walk on a leash. This way you can even travel with your Maine Coon and you don´t need to be worried as you are always there to protect your Maine Coon in case something happens.

I wrote an entire article on this here: How To Train Your Maine Coon To Walk On A Leash.

The Risks Of Letting Your Maine Coon Outside (Alone)

Maine Coon cats are very expensive. Trust me, I know that. We paid around $1200 for our Maine Coon and this isn´t even the highest price you can find when looking for Maine Coon cats to buy.

This is a reason why many Maine Coon cats get stolen each and every year.

A lot of cat owners experience that their cat didn´t come back home and automatically think that the cat might be dead.

The reality is that most of them get stolen. Those Maine Coons appear on the internet for sale and the thieves make some good money with them. The well-being of the cat does not matter to those people.

It doesn´t always have to be a person who wants to make some money though. In many cases, people just see the cat, notice how beautiful it is, and decide to take it home.

Maine Coon cats are normally pretty leery when it comes to strangers, but they can get surprised and well. Some Maine Coon cats just love strangers. This makes it easy for those people to steal the cat.

There are other dangers, of course. Yes, some Maine Coon cats do not come back, because something happened to them and they died. Unfortunately, such things happen. I will come to this later in this article.

Where Do You Live?

If you are living in a city apartment, I do not recommend to let your Maine Coon outside. There are just too many different dangers like cars, people on bicycles, people with dogs, construction zones, so on and so forth.

This is not really the natural environment of a Maine Coon.

If you have a house outside the city with a garden, that is the perfect environment for letting your Maine Coon outside. Most Maine Coon cats will stay in or near your garden, so they won´t really be gone for too long.

However, there are always exceptions. There are Maine Coon cats that love the adventure and will leave in the morning and come back in the evening. It depends on the individual character.

Also Read: This Is The Best Litter Box For Maine Coons!

Even if you live outside of the city, there are things that can happen to your cat. There are wild animals that hunt cats. There are also hunters who shoot Maine Coon cats. (This might be an issue if you live near a forest)

Maybe they think a Maine Coon is a wild animal because of its size and appearance, or maybe they just want to shoot something, I don´t know, but it happens sometimes.

How To Make Sure That Your Maine Coon Comes Back In The Evening

There is not really much you can do to show your cat the way home in case it gets lost, but on the other hand, cats don´t get lost. They will find the right way home eventually.

What you can do though is, you can do certain things to make sure that your cat comes home in the evening and doesn´t stay outside during the night.

The easiest way to make sure that your Maine Coon comes back in the evening is to feed in the evening. This way your cat will always come back to get food and rest.

You can also greet your Maine Coon with their favorite treat, this will definitely make sure that your cat understands that it is good to come home in the evening.Can I Let My Maine Coon Outside

Can't Let Your Maine Coon Outside? Do These 4 Things!

Let's say you are very busy, you are living in a small apartment in a big city and there is absolutely no chance to let your Maine Coon go outside. You still can make sure that your Maine Coon gets enough mental and physical exercise and stimulation.

1. Let your Maine Coon get wild!

Since we do not walk our Maine Coon, Maze, very often, I know what I am talking about. So when it comes to physical exercise, a very sturdy, very big cat tree can be a big help here.

When we play with Maze, we always get her to jump and climb up and down the cat tree with the help of a cat wand or something similar. Since Maine Coons love playing almost as much as they love their owners, this is actually pretty easy to do.

Do not get any “normal” cat trees for a Maine Coon. As you know, Maine Coons are big, powerful, and they love to play wild. The usual cat tree would fall over all the time and your Maine Coon would destroy it quickly.

I have dedicated an entire article on finding the right cat tree for your Maine Coon. I also show you a couple of my favorite Maine Coon cat trees there. Read my Maine Coon cat tree guide here!

2. Maine Coons Also Like To Play Alone!

Luckily, Maine Coons do not need to be entertained 24/7. They actually enjoy playing alone as well. So get a couple of entertaining toys for your Maine Coon.

Some people recommend to always get new toys in order to keep a cat entertained. However, there are a couple of things you can to do make sure that your Maine Coon remains crazy about only a few toys.

In my article on Maine Coon toys, I show you those methods, and I show you the 3 toys that are recommended especially for the wild nature of the Maine Coon. Read that toy article here!

Further, cardboard and other non-toxic packaging are loved by Maine Coons and many other cats. So whenever you order something from Amazon, place the empty packaging on the floor and watch your Maine Coon explore the cardboard.

This is great for their scenting ability, and cardboard has so many different smells from the outside.

3. Talking About Scent

Just like dogs, Maine Coons (and many other cat breeds) have amazing scenting abilities. You can use this to provide some awesome exercise for your Coon.

Simply hide their favorite treats everywhere in your apartment/house and your Maine Coon will have a fantastic day, exploring and discovering treats everywhere. Of course, you can also hide little toys filled with catnip.

4. A Place At The Window

If your house has window sills, this is no problem for you. However, some apartments/houses do not have any window sills. Looking out the window and watching birds, other animals, and humans is great fun for Maine Coons.

If you do not have a window sill, I recommend placing the cat tree near the window. If that is not possible, I highly recommend getting this cat window perch.

It is easy to install, stable, and tested by Maine Coon owners; cats totally love them!


Maine Coon cats can be kept as indoor cats, but it is definitely great if you are able to let your Maine Coon outside. Exploring the world outside is a great mental exercise and a great physical exercise for them which most indoor cats don´t get enough of.

Only let your Maine Coon outside if you are living outside of the city. If you are living in a city apartment, this might not be a good idea. Further, if you are worried about your Maine Coon cat, train it to walk on a leash and go outside with it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frank verderese February 10, 2019 - 12:08 pm

Our cat nala loves going outside he is a Maine coon we live in Florida and he is long hair is this okay is his long hair a problem and is it a protection for him

Pierre February 11, 2019 - 8:48 am

Hey Frank,

not quite sure what you mean, but as long as you make sure that your cat isn´t overheating in the sun, the long hair isn´t a problem.
Cats are intelligent, so most probably, your Maine Coon will know when it’s too warm for him outside.

Being outside has many benefits for cats, but it always depends on where you live. If it might be dangerous in your area for cats, you should think about walking your cat instead of letting it go outside on its own.
This article will show you how to teach your Maine Coon to walk on a leash.

Hope this helps!


Catherine. October 5, 2019 - 1:16 pm

I have recently got a Maine Coon kitten, she is 3.5 months old and I have had her for 1 week. We live in a very rural location but I am wondering from what age I can let her roam outside?

Pierre October 6, 2019 - 2:33 pm

Hey Catherine,

thank you for reaching out. We have created a whole article on when to let your kitten roam free outside and what steps you should take before doing that.

Read here about the best time to let your kitten roam free outside.

Hope this helps,



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