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Home Maine Coon Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets? Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Are Awesome

Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets? Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Are Awesome

by Pierre

Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets ?Maybe you are looking for a new pet and you want to know if a Maine Coon cat is what you are looking for. Or there is a friend or a neighbor that sells Maine Coon cats and now you are asking yourself, are Maine Coon cats good pets? This article will answer that exact question and even more!

Maine Coon cats are amazing pets to have. They are not only amazing cats, but they are also one of the best pets you can get. They are very friendly,  great with kids and get very attached to you and your family, but they still maintain an independent behavior so they won´t ever get on your nerves. Aggressive Maine Coon cats are very rare, they are indeed the gentle giants of the cat world.

So, above I gave you the answer to your question in short, but you might want to know what makes them so special in general. What makes them unique compared to other cats? What kind of lovely things are you going to experience when getting a Maine Coon?

We got our Maine Coon, Maze, when she was 12 weeks old. We already had a normal house cat before and let me tell you, it was a whole new experience and I still can´t believe how kind this cat is.

So here are some amazing things that we have already experienced with Maze and considering the fact that she is still pretty young, there are definitely a lot more to come.

Friendly No Matter What

I know, I know, I already said a couple of times that they are very friendly and yes, you probably already read everywhere that they are the gentle giants of the cat world. However I just need to tell you what makes this cat so friendly.

Here are a couple of situations we have experienced with Maze that will melt your heart.

Friendly With Humans

There comes a time when you have to do things that your cat does not like at all. If you are a cat owner, you probably know what I mean. For example, Maze doesn´t like to be brushed. Many other cats might give you a little slap when you try to do things they don´t like. Not Maze!

When we brush her, she hates it, but what does she do? She starts to play in a very friendly way with us. She grabs our hand and pretends to bite us, but it doesn´t hurt at all, because that´s not what she wants.

Friendly With Other Cats

Our house cat, Gigetta is not friendly at all. She gets a little bit better, but you still need to be careful around her sometimes. Do something she doesn´t like and she might bite or scratch you.

This goes for humans and other cats. Gigetta doesn´t like it when Maze comes too close. That´s why Maze often gets slapped in the face, but Maze doesn´t care at all. She just sits there and gets slapped without even protecting herself. All she wants is to cuddle with Gigetta.

I have never seen her slapping Gigetta back.

In fact, there was one situation when our Maine Coon clearly shows how much she loves our other cat.

When Maze was neutered, she was very weak. She slept the whole day and couldn´t move at all. We were concerned. However, when Maze heard our other cat, Gigetta, meowing really loudly, Maze got up to see what´s wrong with her, only to break down after a couple of steps.

Is someone here cutting onions?Is a Maine Coon a good pet?

Maine Coon Cats Are Not Mad At You

No matter what we do, our Maine Coon is never mad at us. For example, a lot of cats hide from you for a couple of days after you took them to the vet.

Our Maine Coon gives us headbutts as soon as we get her out of the transport box.

We Can Pick Her Up Whenever We Want

Most cats, don´t like to be picked up. Most cat owners say that if you want to have an animal that you can cuddle whenever you want, get a dog.

I say if you want to get an animal that you and your family can cuddle all day, get a Maine Coon. Of course, every Maine Coon has a unique character, but most Maine Coon cats, do not mind to be picked up.

In fact, we can pick up our Maine Coon whenever we want and she actually starts to purr then.

Maine Coon Cats “Help” You With Everything

Are you going to do your taxes? Your Maine Coon will sit next to you, or maybe it will even sit on important documents you need, lol.

Are you going to clean the aquarium? Your Maine Coon will sit next to you to make sure that everything goes the right way and that no fish gets harmed.

Do you want to cook? Let Chef Maine Coon look over your shoulder and give you a couple of tips during cooking.

Want to go to the toilet? The toilet flushing is pretty interesting for your Maine Coon, how about you flush again?

You are reading a book? Your Maine Coon will lie on your arm after making sure that your books smell good by rubbing the head against it.

This is literally how Maine Coon cats behave. They are very, very curious and want to be a part of whatever you do. Luckily this isn´t annoying at all. Actually, they are very discreet when they see that you don´t have time for them.

They just love to watch you while you are doing very exciting things… like taxes.

Maine Coons As Pets

Maze Is Interested In Gaming

Free Massages!

“What are you doing human? Oh, you are sitting on the couch, because you are totally exhausted from work? How about I give you a massage which will make everything better? No? That means yes, right?” – Starts kneading your lap.

That´s exactly what you should expect when you get a Maine Coon cat. They will knead everything near you whenever they get the chance. This is a form of showing that she loves you or that she feels comfortable.

Whenever we are sitting on the couch or lying in bed, Maze has to come and give a massage to us. She does that for around ten minutes, heavy purring included. Then she falls asleep right next to us or on our lap.

Pure Joy In The Morning

We don´t allow our cats to stay with us in the bedroom during the night. That´s why we shut the door. Our cats usually sleep in the living room. That´s no problem at all.

However our Maine Coon needs to show us every morning how much she has missed us. She exactly knows when we get up. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I can hear Maze jumping off her cat tree, running to our bedroom door.

When I open the door she charges into the room, gives my legs a couple of heavy headbutts to show me that she loves me. Then she jumps onto the bed and starts to give her famous massage to everything on our bed as long as my girlfriend is still lying in it.

Are All Maine Coon Cats This Way?

As you know, every cat is a little bit different. Some like to be picked up, others don´t. Some are a little bit more attached to you and others maintain a distance.

However, Maine Coon cats are known for being this way. Besides gentle giants, they are also called the dogs of the cat world, because they are so friendly and you can do almost everything with them and they never get aggressive towards you.

An aggressive Maine Coon clearly shows that there must have been some problems before you got the cat or when you got the cat.

Maine Coon cats do not hold grudges normally, so there must be a very good reason for a Maine Coon to show an aggressive behavior.

We talked with many other Maine Coon owners and with a lot of breeders and all of them told us that their Maine Coons show the same behavior as our Maine Coon does.

The Downsides Of Having A Maine Coon?

You might think now that I am so in love with our Maine Coon, that I might forget to tell you that there are also some things that are not so awesome about owning a Maine Coon cat.

However, actually, there are no real downsides to this breed. Yes, you do have to invest some time into grooming. Yes, you do have to clean the cat litter box, but you have to do all those things with any other cat breed as well.

Yes, cats with shorter hair don´t need as much grooming as a Maine Coon, but that doesn´t mean that you don´t have to take care of that cat at all. So there are no real downsides to a Maine Coon when it comes to this.

Cat Hair Everywhere?

Since Maine Coon cats have pretty majestic, long hair, you might ask yourself if you will be full of cat hair if you get a Maine Coon.

The short and honest answer to that is: It depends on you.

I don´t have any cat hair on my clothes, on the couch or in my bed, because we always make sure that the cats lie on a blanket. We taught our cats that the blanket is their “spot” and this definitely helps.

Further, if you don´t vacuum your house at least once a week, you definitely will see some cat hair in places you don´t want it to be. However, I think that everyone vacuums their house once a week anyway, so again, no real downside here. There are some vacuum cleaners that are specially designed to deal with cat hair. Read: Do Maine Coons Shed A Lot?

What About Diseases?

Maine Coons are known for often suffering from diseases like hip dysplasia or Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Unfortunately, such problems were developed due to wrong breeding over many years.

The risk of getting a sick cat can be minimalized dramatically by getting your Maine Coon cat from a respected breeder.

There is a never a guarantee though, no matter which cat breed you get.

Conclusion – Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets?

If you are really thinking about getting a Maine Coon cat, I definitely want to encourage you to get this awesome cat if you can properly care for it.

The personality of this awesome cat breed clearly shows that you can´t go wrong with getting a Maine Coon. There are a lot of other cat breeds that are friendly as well, but the Maine Coon is truly special.

If you want a cat that is friendly to you and your family, a cat that will never hurt you or your kids and a cat that will love you more than anything without getting on your nerves, a Maine Coon truly is the cat you are looking for.

Especially compared to most normal house cats, you can see how honest and loving Maine Coon cats are. Interested in more info on Maine Coons? Here are 17 Maine Coon Facts!

If you already have a Maine Coon, why don´t you share some of your experience with us? What is your Maine Coon like? Leave a comment in the comment section below!

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