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Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive? 5 Things You Must Know

Are Maine Coons AggressiveAs you might know, Maine Coon cats are very big cats. So if you are thinking about getting a Maine Coon cat the first question that probably comes to your mind is: Are Maine Coon cats aggressive?

And to be honest, this really should be the first question that comes to your mind, especially if you have kids. A pet should enrich your life, it should not make it harder.

Maine Coon cats are not aggressive at all. In fact, they are known for being the most gentle and friendly cat breed of all. However, bad husbandry or undiscovered diseases can cause unwanted aggressive behavior in Maine Coon cats. That´s why you should always do your research thoroughly before getting a Maine Coon cat.

That was the short answer to your question. Every cat can become aggressive. Most of the times it depends on the cat´s needs and if you fulfill those needs properly.

In case you are worried that you get a Maine Coon cat and it becomes aggressive, I recommend to read this entire article. This article does not only tell you that Maine Coon cats are normally pretty friendly.

It will also show you how you can make sure that your Maine Coon cat always stays happy and friendly.

They Are The Perfect Beginner Cat Breed

So first of all, I don´t want to scare you here. I know that this article is about aggression in Maine Coon cats, but I want to really make sure that most Maine Coon cats are very friendly even if they are not happy. Only a few of them will attack their owner.

In fact, Maine Coon cats are known for being the friendliest cats in the world and they are also known for being the perfect beginner cat. This gives you an idea how friendly and easy to take care of Maine Coon cats are.

Maine Coon cats are indeed a very huge cat breed, but as you might have already heard, they are the gentle giants of the cat world.

If you want to get a cat that is not aggressive a Maine Coon is the safest way to go. There are some other cat breeds that are known for being friendly, but the Maine Coon is the best of them all. A bad idea would be to get a regular house cat.

Regular house cats are known for showing unpredictable behavior. You could get the friendliest house cat ever, but the chances are high to get a cat that is just mean and only needs you to give her food.

Don´t get me wrong, I am a cat lover and I have a Maine Coon and a regular house cat and I love them both.

However, compared to the Maine Coon, our regular house cat is really not interested in us at all and she also shows aggressive behavior quickly when she feels annoyed.

aggression in Maine Coons

Maze 🙂

Why Is My Maine Coon Cat So Mean?

The things listed below are not only for Maine Coon owners that have an aggressive cat. It is also for those who want to get a Maine Coon and make sure that the cats is happy, friendly and doesn´t become aggressive at any point of life.

Hormones Going Crazy

This is the first thing that comes to my mind when someone tells me that their cat is aggressive. I always ask how old the cats are and if they are neutered or spayed.

If you have a cat and you don´t intend to breed, I recommend getting your cat neutered or spayed.

Most cats show a really weird behavior when in heat. Depending on how your cat behaves during that phase, it can be really annoying.

Hearing your cat meowing or even howling day and night is not fun. A cat marking its territory (your house) is not fun either. Besides all that, some cats even show aggressive behavior when their hormones go wild.

So when your cat is 6 to 8 months old, consider getting them neutered or spayed.

If you want to learn more about the risks of neutering your Maine Coon too late and about some neutering myths, I highly recommend reading this article about neutering Maine Coons!

Your Maine Coon Might Be In Pain

If your Maine Coon cat suddenly shows aggressive behavior, chances are that it suffers from an uncovered disease. There are many cases where a cat suddenly attacked the owner really badly and right after that it was discovered that the cat had a tumor or was suffering from kidney failure.

So if your Maine Coon was always very affectionate but it suddenly attacks you, you should definitely see a vet to make sure that your cat is not suffering from a horrible disease. Trust me, this will help you and your cat.

In order to prevent such things, I recommend taking your Maine Coon cat to a vet at least once a year. I am not an overcautious person, but this is just better for everybody in your family.

Your Maine Coon Might Be Lonely

Your Maine Coon is aggressive? There is a 90% chance that this is the reason. Your Maine Coon might be lonely or you don´t take care of your cat the right way.

For example, if you only got one cat, you are increasing the chances of your Maine Coon suffering from psychological problems in the future.

Cats need other cats to be happy. A human cannot replace a cat partner. Actually whenever I read or hear that a cat suddenly became aggressive, most of the time the owners just got one cat.

If you have an outdoor cat, keeping only one cat can be okay. However, if you have an indoor cat, get ready for problems in the future.

So if you want to get a Maine Coon cat, do yourself a favor and get two right away. This prevents problems for your cat and for you and your family. And by the way, two Maine Coon cats are better than just one, right? lol.

If you only have one cat and it shows aggressive behavior, consider getting a second cat. No matter how mean your cat might be, in the end, the majority of cats get along with the second cats after a while.

It can take some time, but I have never heard of a case where everything was done right, but the cats still couldn´t be kept together.

why is my maine coon cat so mean

Maze Being A Lap Cat 🙂

Have You Changed Your Perfume?

This is really rare and I did not experience it myself, but some cat owners claim that their cats freaked out after using a new perfume or washing powder. I mean, I can smell however I want, our cats always behave the same, but this is something you should check.

Your Maine Coon Is Annoyed

This is common sense, I know, but I thought I should list it anyway. Maine Coon cats are known for their high tolerance, however even they can get sick of certain things.

Before a Maine Coon bites, it will run away from you, but if you still won´t leave it alone and annoy it all the time, you might get a slap or a bite. And you probably deserve it, haha.

I am pretty sure you don´t do that though.

Also Read: 5 Reasons Why Maine Coons Are Great Pets!

It Is Your Responsibility To Act

Getting attacked by your cat that you love and that was always so friendly can be a really, really disturbing experience. I am not kidding here, I know cat owners that were a nervous wreck after the attack and I totally understand why.

This was their baby and it was always affectionate and suddenly it attacked them. This is a nightmare.

However, you should have zero tolerance for aggression in your pets. If your cat attacks you, you have to own it. It is your responsibility to find out what is wrong with your cat and to act accordingly.

Don´t waste time on forums and ask there why your cat has attacked you. Don´t moan there about the attack. I know it´s hard, I know you are sad, but the only thing that will help you right now is acting immediately.

Take your Maine Coon cat to a vet right now. Tell your vet what happened and that you want to make sure that your cat is not suffering from any uncovered diseases.

If your vet tells you that everything is okay – great, you don´t have to worry about your cat´s health.

Next, check your husbandry. Read books on Maine Coon cats, or even better (lol), read all articles on my website and if you still have a question, leave a comment in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Here are a couple of articles I highly recommend reading if you have problems with your Maine Coon:

The articles above will help you to check your husbandry. Also, if your Maine Coon has a lot of energy, teaching your Coon to walk on a leash will help to burn a lot of energy – which helps to get rid of behavior problems.

If you just have one Maine Coon cat, consider getting another one. In fact, I highly recommend it. A bored cat or a cat that is alone all day can get aggressive quickly.

Is your cat neutered or spayed? Did you switch washing powder, do you use a new perfume, new make up? Ask yourself all these questions and you will find the answer to your cat´s behavior.

You Have Been Bitten? Go See A Doctor

Cat bites can be pretty dangerous when they get infected. Depending on how bad the bite was, you should go and see a doctor just to make sure that everything is okay.

I am not a doctor so I can´t really give you recommendations here when you should do to see a doctor. Take good care of yourself.

If you have kids, separate your cat from your kids.

maine coon aggressive behavior


Again, Maine Coon cats are not aggressive at all. Don´t worry about it. If you did your research, if you are prepared, you won´t experience any aggression in your Maine Coon.

Always remember that most Maine Coon cats don´t show aggressive behavior even when any of the things I´ve listed above apply to your situation.

They are gentle and they are known for being great with kids. Almost all Maine Coon cats rather run away and do their thing instead of biting and fighting.

So don´t be afraid, you want a Maine Coon? Go and get it! They are the best cats ever!


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