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Home Maine Coon 9 Reasons Why Your Maine Coon Meows A Lot

9 Reasons Why Your Maine Coon Meows A Lot

by Pierre

Maine Coon Meows A LotSo you got a Maine Coon, everything is fine and out of nowhere, your Maine Coon starts to meow all the time. When you go to bed, when you are in another room, while you are taking a nap, no matter what you do, your Maine Coon meows a lot.

Of course, you are asking yourself why your cat is doing this. Especially, because Maine Coons are known for rather chirping and trilling instead of meowing. Well, here is your answer.

If a Maine Coon meows a lot it can be simply talking. However, often times this also means that the Maine Coon demands something. This can have a lot of reasons. It might be that your Maine Coon simply wants a treat. It could also mean that it wants something else like cuddling or it wants you to let it outside. If your Maine Coon is around 6 to 8 months old and constantly meowing, it could also mean that your Maine Coon has reached sexual maturity. Neutering or spaying your cat can help here. After that, your Maine Coon won´t be meowing that much anymore.

I know this is a rather short answer. So in case you don´t have a lot of time, the answer above should help you for now. However, if you want to know how you can understand your Maine Coon better to know exactly why your Maine Coon is meowing right now and how you can stop your cat from doing that, read further.

1. Your Maine Coon Is Bored

Let´s say you have a dog and you walk your dog for around 15 minutes per day and then you do nothing with it anymore. What is going to happen? You know what is going to happen. The dog will start to bark, it will somehow try to get you to play with it.

It doesn´t even have to be an animal. Let´s say you are bored as hell. What are you going to do? You will start to look for things to distract yourself with. You run around in your house, you will make weird noises, you will start to sing, you might lay on the floor, because you are so, so bored.

It is the same with Maine Coons and the reason why I am comparing this to a dog or comparing this to you is, most people do not think that cats demand playtime. That cats want you to somehow entertain them. Most people think that only dogs demand that because cats just use you as a slave.

However, having a cat is not only feeding them and hoping that they are in the mood to cuddle with you without slapping you in the face.

Especially Maine Coon cats are often very different from the stereotype cat. Maine Coons want to interact a lot with their owners. They want to cuddle, they want to watch you while working.

“What are you doing at the moment? Oh, you are doing your taxes? Interesting! Let me sit on this document while watching you.” This is what Maine Coon cats are like. They want to be around you and they want to “help” you with your work.

Further, Maine Coon cats are known for being very playful. It doesn´t matter if your Maine Coon is 3 months old or if your Maine Coon is 12 years old. All Maine Coons love to play, regardless of their age.

So the next time when your Maine Coon is meowing all the time and you don´t know why, spend some time with your Maine Coon and play with it. Or work on something instead of watching TV and let your Maine Coon watch you while doing that.

Read: The Best Toys For Maine Coons!

2. Wanna Go Outside?

Another thing people associate with dogs. However, this goes also for humans again. You can be the biggest introvert and people-hating person in the world, you will reach a point where you are going to need to get out of your house.

Just to clear your mind, just to walk a little bit. Maybe to have your favorite food or to visit your favorite place and enjoy being outside.

As I said above, Maine Coons are very playful and since they are so intelligent, they get bored quickly. It depends on your Maine Coon´s character, but some Maine Coons just want to get outside and explore the world.

In most cases, the world means your garden, because Maine Coons are known for staying near their home (especially if they are neutered or spayed).

If you have the opportunity to let your cat outside, try it out. It doesn´t have to be your garden, if you have a balcony you can make that “cat proof” with a net and let your Maine Coon outside. It will enjoy watching birds and lying in the sun.Maine Coon Meows All The Time

Especially cats that have been outdoor cats for a while need to go outside regularly.

What I also recommend is taking your Maine Coon for a walk. There are a lot of great harnesses for Maine Coons and lots of videos on Youtube show that you can train your Maine Coon to walk on a leash.

Actually, I wrote an entire article on this topic. If you are interested in doing that, read this article: How To Take Your Maine Coon For A Walk.

3. Not Spayed Or Neutered

In 90% of all cases, this is the reason. Especially new Maine Coon owners are wondering why their Maine Coon suddenly starts to meow all the time. Whether it be at night or during the day, suddenly their Maine Coon meows in every situation.

That might be because your Maine Coon has reached sexual maturity. Usually, this happens around 6 to 8 months of age. Male Maine Coons will start to mark their territory then.

Which means they will spray their urine everywhere, on your walls, on your furnishings, on your bed. Trust me, you will notice it when it happens because it doesn´t smell like Chanel No. 5.

Female Maine Coon cats meow a lot, maybe even more than the male ones and they will start to poke their backside up and let their tail fall to the side. This means that they are ready to mate.

Usually, after two weeks, this will stop and the female Maine Coon will go back to normal mode. However, it will happen again and again.

I remember when our female Maine Coon, Maze, was in heat. In my opinion, this can be really annoying and I was happy when our Maine Coon stopped meowing all the time after around 5 days.

Neutering or spaying your cat will definitely help here. Your female Maine Coon will not come on heat anymore in the feature. No constant meowing anymore and no rolling over the floor and poking the back out.

The male Maine Coons will stop to mark their territory…in most cases. I mean, they will definitely stop doing this, but in some rare cases, male Maine Coons continue to do so, but this is another topic.

So to sum this up, your Maine Coon is meowing constantly meowing and it is around 7 months old? Think about neutering it or spaying it. It will definitely help.

4. The Unique Character

The Maine Coon breed is known for being pretty vocal. However their voice sounds sweet and normally they are not meowing all the time, it is more of a chirping sound. That being said, your Maine Coon could still be just a chatterbox.

It depends on the character of the cat. Every Maine Coon will chirp when being excited, but not every Maine Coon will meow. It is like having that one uncle, aunt, brother, sister that just needs to talk all the time and they talk loud and fast.

While it probably won´t be very loud, your Maine Coon could be one of those creatures that just need to talk all the time. In this case the only thing I can recommend is to enjoy it. It can be quite funny to talk with your Maine Coon.

Besides that, their high voice and funny sounds make it way more bearable to hear your Maine Coon talking all the time. Just compare this to a siamese cat and you get what I mean. They are loud as hell and constantly talking.

5. Want A Treat?

Who doesn´t love a treat? You might not notice it, but humans are giving themselves little treats all the time. You are watching your favorite show on Netflix? That can be seen as a treat! You are eating your favorite pasta? That is definitely a treat! Did you buy yourself some nice clothes? That is a treat!

Maine Coons are way easier to read here. You have some kitty treats in your kitchen cabinet (or wherever you hide it)? If your Maine Coon is meowing all the time, chances are that it simply wants a treat and will be quiet after it has gotten one.

Usually, though, Maine Coons are not known for being very greedy. Our Maine Coon never demands treats. When we get the treats out, she is interested, but not as much as our regular house cat.

Our regular house cat often time sits in the kitchen right in front of the drawer where we hide the treats and meows as loud as she can.

Our Maine Coon has never done this.

6. Stop Doing What You Are Doing!

What are you doing? You are gaming? You are reading? You are cooking? Maine Coons are known for loving to watch you while working or even helping you with your work. In some cases, however, your Maine Coon might want you to stop from doing what you are doing.

It might meow a lot just to show you that you need to focus on your cat instead of preparing the risotto. I mean, a risotto is way less important than your cat, right? Lol.

This can have several reasons. Maybe your Maine Coon just wants to cuddle for a while. You will notice that when you start to ruffle your Maine Coon´s fur. If it wants that kind of attention it will immediately purr as loud as a lawn mower (just kidding) as soon as you touch it.

A couple of minutes giving your Maine Coon the attention it demands should do the trick.maine coon chattering a lot

7. Time To Go To Bed

So you are tired and you go to bed, you are almost entering dreamland when suddenly your Maine Coon starts to meow for a minute. I am pretty sure that every Maine Coon owner has already experienced this.

I don´t know really why they do this. Maybe it is a form of saying good night. It might also be a sad howling that you are in bed now and that there is nothing to do anymore.

All that Maine Coon owners know is, that most Maine Coons meow around 10 minutes after you go to bed for a couple of times and then they go to sleep.

That is just the way they are. Our Maine Coon, Maze, does this every night. Her meowing isn´t loud anyway so we don´t really care about it. Usually, she meows around 5 times and then stops.

8. Oh, You Are Sitting On The Toilet?

Haha, don´t tell me that this didn´t happen to you already. You are sitting on your toilet and your Maine Coon starts to meow loudly? It is probably trying to tell you that it misses you and that you need to come back quickly.

Our Maine Coon does this all the time whenever my girlfriend is in the bathroom. It doesn´t even matter that I am still available for cuddles. All she wants is that my girlfriend opens the bathroom door so our Maine Coon can join.

Usually, she stops after 3 to 4 meows. This is okay and it is nothing you should worry about too much. Your Maine Coon just misses you, because you have been away for 4 seconds. Who could not understand that?

9. Is Your Maine Coon In Pain?

Of course, this could be a reason as well and it is probably the reason why you are worried about your Maine Coon right now. Luckily, in most cases, your Maine Coon will not only show that it is in pain, by only meowing.

Have a close look at your Maine Coon. Is it using the toilet regularly? Is it moving like always, or is it moving differently? Is it eating normally? You need to check all those things. If you are unsure it is best to visit a vet.


Maine Coons are known for having a quiet, but a very high voice. They always sound like they are still a kitten even when they are as big as a dog. This voice makes constant meowing bearable.

The good thing about Maine Coons is that they are not very loud cats. They are definitely vocal cats, but it is not really loud and most of the time they are just chirping and that is pretty cute.

As you have seen, if your Maine Coon is meowing a lot this can have several reasons.

Knowing those reasons means that you are able to understand your Maine Coon better and in the end, this will make it easier to take care of your Maine Coon. Remember that spaying or neutering your Maine Coon will help in cases of extreme meowing.

If you don´t want to breed Maine Coons, you should definitely think about doing that.

If you have any further question or if you still don´t know why your Maine Coon meows a lot, leave a comment in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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